Over the Moon

California Biewer Terrier Breeder

Mary Finney Love at First Sight

Welcome to Over The Moon Biewer Terriers of Southern California.

Our family fell in love with this special little toy breed dog long ago, in 2010. I could not help but become involved with furthering this wonderful new breed and started my breeding program shortly thereafter.

We Have Puppies!

If you are interested in an Over The Moon Biewer Terrier, please fill out our application and email to donisu59@gmail.com

Needy biewer terrier by over the moon biewers
biewer terrier breeder
biewer terrier puppy
biewer terrier puppies

Searching for a Biewer Terrier Breeder?

When you want a quality Biewer Terrier as your next furry family member or show prospect, you should settle for nothing less than an exceptional Biewer Terrier breeder. Some breeders focus on show-quality puppies, and others only want to produce pets. Regardless of the client they cater to, any Biewer breeder must adhere to best practices in their breeding program. That includes DNA health testing the parents, breeding as close to the Biewer Terrier Standard as possible with the goal of improving the breed and focusing on a stable temperament and an excellent conformation.

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